Saturday, May 19, 2012

Locked out...

So, tell me this.  How does a mom get locked out of her house when she has a dial pad entry system?  While, the handle gets locked somehow (we do have a curious two year old who is proficient with the pincer grasp) and the keys are in the house because we went for a walk!  Do we call a lock smith?  Do we call the police?  Oh no!  We pull out the handy footstool from our garage and pray there is an unlocked window somewhere.

Well, this is one time when our drafty, rickety, original-to-the-house (which was build in the 1940s) windows come in handy!  Mom pry's up the screen, opens the window, and voila! we have broken in to our house!  The rest is  self explanatory.  This was definitely the highlight of our day!  Oh, by the way, there is a set of keys hidden for the house in an inconspicuous place in case this ever happens again.  Lesson learned!
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  1. And the hero is---Isaac! A fun adventure! We had a window like that in the laundry room that has been used many times by more than two or three for the same reason. I haven't been able to bring myself to hiding a key at our new home yet, but haven't found that last-ditch entry method either so may have to! Sure hope I can manage without a little person around!